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How To Set The Perfect Water Level For Different Bongs?

It can be pretty challenging to start and manage if you are a new bong user and don’t know the how-tos and workings. It is because a bong has many elements, things, items, and accessories to take care of. One of the essential things in a bong is its water level. The water level of the bong can determine how good or bad your experience with the bong gets. There are the right and the wrong water levels for your bong. If the water level is not correct, then the experience will not be good, and the high you get will not be good. Read on to find out more about what water level you should keep in your bong and how to ensure the correct water level every time.
If you get the proper water level in your bong, the high would be smooth and pleasing. But have an incorrect water level in your bong, and you will have a bad experience. So, to ensure that you are getting the proper water level, you need first to make sure that the water flows through the percolator. Keep in mind, if your bong is of superior quality, then there won’t be any issues here. But sometimes, in a budget model, the water doesn’t flow down instantly, blow into the mouthpiece to push the water down.
To know that you have the right amount of water in your bong, you have to ensure that when you smoke, the water should not come all the way to the mouthpiece. This will not only give you a lousy bong performance but a bad experience and a worse high. To ensure that you have the right amount of water in the bong, ensure it stays in the chamber where it is supposed to be even when you smoke. And also, if you have a percolator, it should be covered with water for a better experience. This will ensure that you have a good experience when smoking a bong.

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