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Pulsar 21″ Quad Perc Beaker Bong


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You read that right – QUAD percolators. The 21″ Quad Perc Beaker Bong from Pulsar is one of the baddest, most heavy-duty bongs we carry. It’s also one of the tallest glass bongs we carry, standing 21.5″ tall. Featuring dual honeycomb and showerhead percolators, this monster will not only provide some of the largest hits you’ve ever experienced, but some of the smoothest. The quad percs in combination with the built in ice catcher will also cool your smoke so it’s easier to inhale those massive rips. If you’re ready to take on some monster rips look no further.

  • Super Strong Borosilicate Glass
  • Dual Honeycomb and Showerhead Percolators
  • Built in Ice Catcher
  • Built in Splashguard
  • Stemless Design
  • Pulsar Decal
  • Dual Layered Beaker Base
  • 18mm Dry Herb Bowl Included
  • Height: 21.5″
  • Joint Size: 18mm
  • Base Diameter: 5″

NOTE: This is an individually handcrafted art piece. Exact details, sizes, decals and/or patterns may vary slightly.


Black, Blue, Opaque Green, White


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