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Wallnut regular rolling tray MK2


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This rolling tray is designed to accommodate a wide range of different rolling accessories. While capturing spillage during the rolling/packing process.

Made to fit

  • 4+ different styles of lighter.
  • 3 different sizes of grinders or jars. (44mm, 56mm & 63mm,
  • 2 different sizes of bowls. (14mm & 19mm)
  • 10 holes for joints ( 6 – 8mm and 4 – 11mm.)

Holds your regular sized Papers, and features a V-Grove slot in the center of the tray to hold your papers while they’re being loaded.

  • Product Size 3/4″ X 7″ X 10″

Wood will have unique characteristics such as knots. Which makes each tray one of a kind.

  • Made in Canada


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